Prarieman 70.3

Here goes my first attempt at a race report, so try and follow along. So it’s December 2012 and I decide I want to start riding bikes, I find this club called BAM! All I could think about were the old Batman and Robin cartoons with their expressions. I go on my first bike ride and I was welcomed and accepted immediately.Next thing I know; this, what appeared to be a sweet, innocent, high pitched soft spoken women was barking orders at me in a swimming pool at 5:15am. I thought to my self, How the Hell did I go from wanting to ride a bike to this. Next thing you know, I have a coach and I’m a full-fledged Triathlete.

Race weekend: My wife and I rented a cabin on Joe Pool Lake, a nice little get away from the kiddo’s Yea Right… My good buddy Diggs who is from Grand Prairie suggests Babe’s Chicken for dinner. “Thanks again Diggs my stomach is still full.” Try it if your every up there. I’ve always been one to follow plans, so when my wife rolls over the next morning and says it’s RACE DAY! I sprang into action, starting my nutrition plan. Nerves set in and I can’t eat all that I planned, but thank God the Coffee worked before leaving for the race.

Swim: I started my swim with my pretty PINK swim cap they gave me. I planned on swimming without worries of other swimmers, they swam over me and I swam over them, finally the crowed thinned out and I set into my swim. The water was perfect, Cool, Calm and no current. My time was just shy of pace, no worries I knew my transition times would make up for that. As I exit the water the first person I see is my lovely wife yelling and screaming for me, what motivation. 2 minutes later I’m on the bike.

Bike: My plan was to control my heart rate and for the first 30 minutes it should have been about 119 bpm. Yea right! It started out at about 150, took 20minutes to get it back down. Now I’m settled into my ride and at about mile 20 this funny feeling comes upon me. I got to pee. I’m used to sweating it all out, up there the humidity is so low. So here I go, all the stories I’ve been told are about to happen to me. It took until mile 40 before I could pee on myself, it’s just not right for a grown adult to pee on themselves. Once it started I got worried it wasn’t going to stop. I guess you don’t realize how much you go until you do it on yourself. Enough about that, my bike was slow but someone told me the Bike is for Show, the Run is for Dough! Kill it!!! I cruise in and see my wife a few miles before the transition at an aid station still yelling for me.

Run: OOOOOOh! The RUN. I’ll start by saying HOT! All I could think about was what the dam is going to be like, which was about 3 mile away. Once I got to the dam I started my strategic run walk pace, which quickly turned into my walk run pace. Did I mention it was HOT!!! I actually had to pee again, this just ain’t right. Watching all the people running back or should I say walking back. I began to think about what my coach and training said about this, I would pass people at the end that didn’t plan their race. It worked! I did run into my good buddy Diggs and we met at an aid station. If anyone from masters knows us, we can talk. So we start talking about football that day until the lady working the aid station asked if we were going to run or talk. My coach told me at mile 7 to let it go if I had it. My plan worked because of it, I ran the second half of the run a lot faster then the first. I left it all on the DAM! There was the finish line and my beautiful wife jumping up and down and yelling for me. She looked almost as tired as I did.

My first 70.3 was over in 6:12:34 official time, only 12 minutes off my goal. I’ll take it…. Thanks for all the support and encouragement BAM!

Special thanks to my coach ‘Melanie Yarzy

Most of all, my wife Sara Donaldson!

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