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Welcome the BAM! Discussion board. Dive headfirst in to the wide world of triathlon! 

Note* The discussion board is in a Beta period of sorts. Here's a breakdown of the new forum setup:
  • Bike Discussion: Bike questions, stories, pictures? Post 'em here.
  • Classifieds: Ye ole Tri-Trading Post
  • Miscellaneous: Remember the SIM thread? Organizing that Tour de France watching party? Here's the place
  • Run Discussion: Run questions, stories, pictures, etc.
  • Swim Discussion: Same as Bike and Run, only for swimming.
Rules: Keep it clean and remember that the discussion board is subject to moderation. To prevent repeat posts, the webmaster will be moving and merging posts to keep everything organized in it's proper spots. For example, please don't get upset if your "who wants to swim at Anders on this day" post gets moved from Swimming Discussion to Workouts.


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